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Sevenstep Team
11 September, 2017

Trend to Requirement Overnight: The Rapid Adoption Pressures in Global TA

The world of Talent Acquisition (TA) is evolving at lightning speed and has been in a highly transitional growth phase over the past few years. Continued globalisation of programmes, shortage of skilled labour, shifting workforce demographics, and the continued proliferation or recruitment technology have all ...

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Bronwen Sisca
16 August, 2017

Conquering Health Care Recruiting – Experience Matters

Health Care is hands down one of the most challenging verticals to recruit for.  The vexing combination is of course at play here with high demand and limited supply of qualified talent. But interestingly so, the underlying drivers of growth in this Health Care employment sector are not just cyclical (the way many ...

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Sevenstep Team
06 April, 2017

Preparing for Brexit - Are Talent Acquisition Execs Ready?

Brexit is by far the biggest threat to small and large organisations’ talent acquisition and workforce strategies in recent years. Article 50 has now been triggered and the effects of this referendum are already being seen. An estimated 100,000 Polish workers have returned from the UK to the continent. And London ...

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