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Tom Leeper
18 November, 2020

Webinar: How to Win the Next Generation of Supply Chain Talent

The demand for supply chain talent reached unprecedented heights during the COVID-19 outbreak, but the industry had already been facing a talent shortage.

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Sevenstep Team
28 January, 2019

Recruiting in Latin America? Four Things to Consider for Talent Acquisition Success

One of the key missteps that organizations make when expanding globally is to assume that what works in one part of the world will also work in another. It’s about much more than language. Cultural differences, shifting politics, unique legal regimes, and even history play a large role in success versus failure.

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Amy Bush
12 September, 2018

Conquering Complexity with the Help of an RPO Partner

Talent acquisition is an incredibly rewarding profession, but it’s also full of challenges. Never have they been more acute than in today’s business environment.

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Natalie Scheiman
01 August, 2018

4 Tips for the First 120 days of an RPO Transition

Change is hard. Most of us in the business world are creatures of habit and any disruption to our “norm” will likely be met with resistance. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) transition is no exception. A new partnership with an RPO provider can involve anything from augmenting the current model to completely ...

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Beth Gilfeather
14 June, 2018

“Willing & Able” – Do RPO Buyers Pay Enough Attention to Both?

Each year Sevenstep hosts its annual “Analyst & Influencers Day,” where industry analysts, bloggers, consultants, and members of the Talent Acquisition and Human Capital Management technology community come together to discuss the state of our industry and make some predictions about its future. Most notably, we ...

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Noelle Paras
12 February, 2018

The Perfect RPO Marriage: Do You Love Your Provider?

With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s hard not to feel the “love in the air.” As a newlywed myself, admittedly, I might be a bit more susceptible to the holiday than in years past. But, it also got me thinking about another serious relationship of mine – one that I’ve been in for quite some time now at Sevenstep.

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Sevenstep Team
18 January, 2018

Remote Teams & The Need For Conscious Inclusion

The workplace used to be a lot simpler. There were very few functional or cultural barriers, as most teams worked within silos of like-minded people with similar backgrounds and roles, and they typically worked together in person. Common work jargon and colloquialisms were all well-understood and team communication ...

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Sevenstep Team
15 November, 2017

Diversity in TA: The Discipline in Taking The Right Path

As the dust starts to settle on the troubling results of Britain’s first race disparity audit published by the UK Government on 10 October 2017, many Talent Acquisition leaders are now becoming more aware of the critical role they play in this diversity issue. The facts and statistics paint a clear picture. RPO UK ...

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Bronwen Sisca
16 August, 2017

Conquering Health Care Recruiting – Experience Matters

Health Care is hands down one of the most challenging verticals to recruit for.  The vexing combination is of course at play here with high demand and limited supply of qualified talent. But interestingly so, the underlying drivers of growth in this Health Care employment sector are not just cyclical (the way many ...

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Beth Gilfeather
30 May, 2017

Helping First-time RPO Buyers “Take the Leap”

With industry adoption rates rising, more and more companies are implementing an RPO solution for the very first time. This is a highly strategic and high impact decision for a Talent Acquisition executive whose program (and own career) hinge on its success. With so much at stake, RPO providers need to consciously ...

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