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Jim Becker
28 October, 2021

Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Attract Star Talent

In A Never-Before-Seen Candidate-Driven Marketplace, You Have To Treat Job Seekers as Indispensable Free Agents

After the New England Patriots lost to the Tennessee Titans in the January 4 Wild Card round of the 2019 NFL season playoffs, quarterback Tom Brady became a free agent. His goal: to find the team that ...

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Tom Leeper
18 November, 2020

Webinar: How to Win the Next Generation of Supply Chain Talent

The demand for supply chain talent reached unprecedented heights during the COVID-19 outbreak, but the industry had already been facing a talent shortage.

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Noelle Paras
28 August, 2020

Recruiting in a Less-Than-Perfect Economy

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Sevenstep Team
28 May, 2019

Onboarding: Getting to Day One

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Sevenstep Team
01 May, 2019

Cooking up the Right Ingredients to Create a Positive Candidate Experience: The Human Factor

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Amy Wrocklage
11 April, 2019

The Careers Site of the Future

Here’s the thing: companies like to talk about themselves. And, they don’t always think about the candidate experience when they do. Common to be found on company career sites today are a list of awards, what the company does in the community and then their jobs, which often outline a lot of requirements but say ...

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Sevenstep Team
18 March, 2019

The Graying Workforce: How to Ensure Your Company Stays Relevant to Older Candidates

Several years ago, I led the marketing team for one of the world’s largest engineering firms. It was a dream job for any marketing professional who enjoys selling through story-telling. I met teams around the world who were working on everything from hydroelectric tunnels in Canada, to nickel mines in Brazil, to ...

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James Osgathorpe
19 February, 2019

Tips for Managing a Successful Talent Community

The primary goals for any recruiting team are to improve the quality of hires coming into the organization, and to optimize the process of finding and securing quality talent.

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Sevenstep Team
14 November, 2018

Career Advice for Recent (And Soon-to-Be) College Grads

Here’s the good news: For every unemployed American, there are 1.2 jobs available.

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Sevenstep Team
25 September, 2018

Engaged Employees: Everybody Wants Them – Here’s How to Spot Yours

A year and a half ago, now Sevenstep President Amy Bush walked by my desk and said “Nikki, you like to travel, right?” [Definitely.] “You have a passport, right?” [Yep.] “Ok, we’re going to catch up soon.”

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