The Roundup July August 2022

The Roundup July August 2022

Today's workforce landscape is constantly changing. How can talent decision makers keep on track and evolve with the times? Our market RoundUp looks at the key issues companies face today and how to tackle them head on.

In this issue, we look at a number of stories and views that are top of mind to workforce decision makers, including talent acquisition, the flexible workforce, and the general market for talent. The stories are gathered from media and analysts commentary, along with insight from Sevenstep what they may mean to your workforce strategies and practices.

Stories include:
1. A slower hiring pace will not change the rules for hard-to-find talent.
2. UK employers adjust to the high demand for technical skills and IT workers.
3. Contingent and independent workers are a business priority.
4. TA leaders are balancing tactical and strategic demands.
5. Job requirements are 37% different than they were two years ago.
6. Hiring managers and recruiters have the power to remove roadblocks.
7. In-person campus recruiting is alive and well.

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