Recruitment Predictions for 2012

It's a new year, and that means it's time for predictions of what 2012 has in store for talent acquisition.


Google+ will gain a strong foothold in the social media market and become a top resource for recruitment. Crazy, right? I thought I'd start off with a bold one. People may disagree but Google has too many great features to just die out. The tipping point is on its way. Google Hangouts are really cool, and the live direct-to-YouTube G+ Hangouts are even cooler. I think we'll see some companies host Hangouts as a way to directly connect with their talent communities. The possibilities don't end here. Ever since Google opened up the API a couple months back it's been one slick enhancement after another.

Talent Communities become a Top Source of Hire

Talent communities are starting to become more popular, and with the rise of the connected consumer companies won't be able to dispute their effectiveness. Keeping candidates engaged will be crucial. Employers no longer control where engagement occurs like they once did in the "destination web". Connected consumers now curate their own content, and content comes to them. If companies aren't giving prospects a good reason to opt-in by extending the employee value proposition, candidates will seek that engagement elsewhere. To employers that don't already have a talent community: you are already behind. Please reach out to discuss further!!

We All Become Human Capital Analysts

Data is the new oil that keeps hiring initiatives run smoothly. Vendors like Avature CRM, CareerBuilder's Talent Intelligence Portal, and Jobs2Web have armed the talent acquisition pro with real-time insights into the talent market. I see this prediction pairing with the decline of the HRIS Reporting Analyst job function. With these vendors making data easily accessible, it no longer requires someone in HRIS to build them. And why should I have to wait to configure an ATS report?? I want to pull data on a hunch and look at it from five different directions. Data-driven decisions need to happen NOW. We don't have time to wait 2 days for a report.

Veterans Get Hired Back To Work

Unemployment rates among young veterans are highest in the country. However 2011 saw new tax incentives and proposed DOL regulations to help out the cause. Beyond this, employers know that this candidate pool is a wonderful talent pool ready to be tapped.

RPO Industry Sees Another Record Year

Of course, this is a big one for RPOconvo. As the recession continues to subside, employers are looking for simple, effective ways to bolster their hiring initiatives. RPO is the answer.

What do you think? Would you add anything else to the list?