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Sevenstep Team
09 May, 2017

The Shift to Matrixed Client Engagement

Today’s businesses don’t run on the same linear and predictable decision-making models of their past. Many companies are moving to flatter and less hierarchical structures and looking to drive much more of a consensus model.

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Sevenstep Team
18 April, 2017

Employer Branding… Is It Easier for Bigger Companies?

Here at Sevenstep, we get the opportunity to work with some very large, well-known brands on the transformation of their Talent Acquisition strategy. As their recruitment partner, we know intimately how hard these companies work at getting their employer brand to be as strong as their overall brand.

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Sevenstep Team
06 April, 2017

Preparing for Brexit - Are Talent Acquisition Execs Ready?

Brexit is by far the biggest threat to small and large organisations’ talent acquisition and workforce strategies in recent years. Article 50 has now been triggered and the effects of this referendum are already being seen. An estimated 100,000 Polish workers have returned from the UK to the continent. And London ...

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Noelle Paras
23 March, 2017

Hiring Volatility – 5 Best Ways to Survive & Win

There is a famous quote that states, “The only thing you can control in life is your reaction.” For talent acquisition leaders constantly facing the challenge of hiring volatility, these words ring very true.

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Tom Leeper
06 March, 2017

3 Key Perspectives When Considering Project RPO

For first-time RPO buyers, pursuing project engagements is common and quite logical. Some will look to this type of solution because there is a finite need for recruiting that is short term in nature. Other companies do so because they want to test the value of the RPO model on a smaller scale with the assumption ...

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Sevenstep Team
20 February, 2017

Building the Optimal RFP

Buyers considering an RPO solution are evaluating a major investment, both financially and strategically. Those running the RFP process must conduct a thorough and disciplined process which often takes one of three paths:

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Sevenstep Team
02 February, 2017

Hiring Manager – Opponent or Teammate?

Unfortunately, recruiters sometimes see their hiring managers as an obstacle to overcome rather than a partner. In fairness, this perspective can be justified since the hiring manager is typically the sole decision-making determinant when a hire is not made. But what if these recruiters stopped viewing hiring ...

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Greg Karr
15 October, 2013

Top 3 Areas of Visibility Required for Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a constant challenge for HR and Talent Acquisition leaders, and it’s getting even more difficult. Unless you’re Nate Silver, or perhaps a psychic, it’s impossible to predict the types of jobs you’ll need to fill down the road, when you’ll need them, or the volume of acquisitions that will be ...

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Paul Harty
08 October, 2013

Lessons Learned from High-Stakes Sports Free Agent Recruiting

In my opinion, we are now in one of the most exciting times of year for professional sports. September is the Major League Baseball season’s final month, and tight pennant races are keeping fans on their toes as playoff match-ups are determined. Sundays are ruled by the NFL, hockey training camps are underway, and ...

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Beth Gilfeather
03 October, 2013

Powering Up Internal Mobility: Treat Internal Candidates Like External Candidates!

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