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Sevenstep Team
07 November, 2018

Inspiring Talent Acquisition Lessons from Leading CEOs

Many of today’s leading CEOs are revered as near-rockstars. They’re followed by millions on social media, their lives are documented in gossip columns, and some, like T-Mobile’s John Legere and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, sort of look the part.

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Sevenstep Team
06 November, 2018

Sevenstep Cares: Running for Mito, Running for Cancer, Running for Healing

People say endorphins make you happy, and for Sevenstep, nothing brings out the joy of service more than volunteering in our communities. This fall we gave our time, and sometimes our own athletic abilities, to a few purposeful events.

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Noelle Paras
05 November, 2018

HR Goes Agile – But What Does that Mean?

What if you were tasked with developing a new tool for your company, but your management team first wanted to know how long it would take?

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Anna Botha
31 October, 2018

How to Create a Winning Employee Advocacy Program Using Social Media

If you’re unsure about social media for business, you should know this:

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Sevenstep Team
29 October, 2018

Hiring Horror Stories

There are few things more rewarding than recruiting the perfect person for a job. But as any recruiter will tell you, talent acquisition is never boring.

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Sevenstep Team
03 October, 2018

The Sevenstep Book Club – What’s On Our Reading List

Welcome to the first installment of our quarterly book club series. Every three months, we’ll share a handful of books we’re reading about HR, talent acquisition, leadership and business.

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Nick Chilingirian
02 October, 2018

Knowing How to WIN

Everyone wants to win. But not everyone knows how to win.

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Nikki Vachon
25 September, 2018

Engaged Employees: Everybody Wants Them – Here’s How to Spot Yours

A year and a half ago, now Sevenstep President Amy Bush walked by my desk and said “Nikki, you like to travel, right?” [Definitely.] “You have a passport, right?” [Yep.] “Ok, we’re going to catch up soon.”

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Tom Leeper
21 September, 2018

Reflections on the 2018 HRTech Conference: Where Technology Was Really the Second Most Important Thing

For someone whose career has been in technology and HR/Talent Acquisition for over 30 years, the HR Technology Conference and Expo had long been on my bucket list. Last week, I finally checked it off, spending three days in Vegas with hundreds of vendors – and thousands of attendees – most of whom I would label as ...

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Koye Adejumo
18 September, 2018

Internal Passive Candidate Engagement: Building a Culture of Internal Mobility

Chances are, if you feel a lack of opportunity in your current position – upward or laterally – you would likely consider other career opportunities outside your company. You may even pursue them.

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