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Gary Norris
10 January, 2019

Why Momentum Matters for Successful Hiring

Highly successful recruiting means harnessing the power of momentum.

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Amy Wrocklage
09 January, 2019

What’s Ahead in 2019 for Social Media in Talent Acquisition

If I had to summarize social media as we kick off 2019 in three words, they would be: video; timeliness; personal.

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Sevenstep Team
18 December, 2018

The Sevenstep Book Club: Special Holiday Edition

The holidays are an opportunity for us to spend some quality time with family and reflect on the year gone by. For many, it’s also an opportunity to wind down and relax with a good book or two.

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Sevenstep Team
07 December, 2018

As Brexit Looms, Uncertainty Rules: What’s Keeping Talent Acquisition Professionals Up at Night

For a couple of years now, the business climate in the U.K. has been suffering from a prolonged bout of uncertainty. We all seem to be in the midst of a nervous state as we wait with bated breath to see what will come of next week’s Brexit vote in the House of Commons. Add to this the shifting winds of world trade ...

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Sevenstep Team
20 November, 2018

5+ Reasons Why Talent Acquisition Professionals Are Feeling Grateful This Thanksgiving

This week, millions of Americans will descend upon the nation’s airports and train stations, or they’ll hop into their cars for a journey ‘home.’ Ovens will be working overtime – pulling double duty to cook turkeys and pumpkin pies. Email traffic will slow to a standstill and our President will pardon a flightless ...

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Sevenstep Team
14 November, 2018

Career Advice for Recent (And Soon-to-Be) College Grads

Here’s the good news: For every unemployed American, there are 1.2 jobs available.

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Sevenstep Team
07 November, 2018

Inspiring Talent Acquisition Lessons from Leading CEOs

Many of today’s leading CEOs are revered as near-rockstars. They’re followed by millions on social media, their lives are documented in gossip columns, and some, like T-Mobile’s John Legere and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, sort of look the part.

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Nicholle Buckley
06 November, 2018

Sevenstep Cares: Running for Mito, Running for Cancer, Running for Healing

People say endorphins make you happy, and for Sevenstep, nothing brings out the joy of service more than volunteering in our communities. This fall we gave our time, and sometimes our own athletic abilities, to a few purposeful events.

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Noelle Paras
05 November, 2018

HR Goes Agile – But What Does that Mean?

What if you were tasked with developing a new tool for your company, but your management team first wanted to know how long it would take?

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Anna Botha
31 October, 2018

How to Create a Winning Employee Advocacy Program Using Social Media

If you’re unsure about social media for business, you should know this:

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