Our President Really is a Rock Star

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For Paul Harty’s birthday (which is today), Seven Step’s management team gave him a special gift: a signed enlargement of a photo taken of him at our last company party, at Fenway Park. What’s cool is that in the photo, Paul’s not in “President mode.” He’s rocking out as the drummer for Seven Step favorites Halfway Gone.

We have some amazing people at Seven Step. Beyond the fact that we’re well-armed with smart, hard-working, committed, and motivated team players, we’ve got a lot of plain interesting people here as well. Paul plays the drums in a band…and he's really good! From the top down, Seven Steppers know that there’s more to life than just your job. There’s plenty of time for hobbies, sports, family, friends, and charitiesif your company has the right set of cultural values, and if you have the right amount of discipline and focus. For Paul, this means running the company and still making band practice and playing gigs every chance he gets.

At Seven Step, we hire people, not resumes, and not a checklist of skills. It's these people who make our day-to-day working relationships meaningful, and even enjoyable for our customers.

Happy Birthday Paul, and thanks for setting such a great example!


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