LinkedIn’s New Look: Brand Pages Follow the Candidate Experience Trend

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The focus on the candidate experience has been one of the defining changes for our industry over the past couple years. How a candidate feels about their recruitment experience can often be the key determination in whether or not they choose to accept a job offer. And often times their experience gets out to other candidates through social media and has a profound impact on an employment brand. With that in mind, good recruiters know that personalization is key. Having an open, two way dialogue with a prospect and a tailored message will always yield better results. Recruiters have been tailoring the application experience by building job-type specific career pages with tailored information, and by using a candidate's historical data to deliver appropriate content and even match past applicants with new jobs.

As recruiters, social media has played an increasingly large role in the candidate experience, and LinkedIn is arguably the most popular channel for recruiting. Recentlythe Company announced plans for a major overhaul to the layout of one of their main features, corporate brand pages. We were pleased to see that the new look of the brand pages are geared towards improving the end user's experience – a change driven by many of the same factors as candidate experience.

At Seven Step, we use LinkedIn every day. Finding new candidates, engaging in groups and keyword search capabilities are some of the key elements that make LinkedIn such a valuable tool for us. But with this update, LinkedIn may become something more valuable for both recruiters and brands. Besides being just a place for recruiters to source candidates. LinkedIn is also a place for candidates to find out information about a company's employment brand. With the redesigned pages, companies have a big opportunity to better intertwine their employment brand with their corporate brand, advertise their culture and promote careers.

The new layout will host company pictures at the very top of the brand page and the company newsfeed will become the focus of the page, much like Facebook's Timeline. In general, the clutter and disorganization that all too often plagues the current pages will be gone and instead replaced by a streamlined interface.

So what does the new layout mean for brands and recruiters like us? Well, primarily it will mean that brand pages will now be more visible, and offer a greater opportunity to better intertwine the employment brand into the corporate brand. Companies need to invest extra time updating their pages to make sure images, job posts and content are all current and engaging. With the updates will come a much more personalized and dynamic conversation, and new opportunities for recruiters and brands to foster relationships with the end user.

We're really excited about the new brand pages, what about you?

The update is scheduled roll out this winter. Until then you can see some mock ups of the new look here.


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