2018 Global Talent Acquisition Survey Yields Remarkable Misalignment – and Wake-Up Call

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As an RPO provider, Sevenstep constantly engages talent acquisition executives. One common theme often emerges from these recruitment leaders, and that is their urgent need and desire to improve their hiring strategies.

Sevenstep launched a Global Recruiter Survey in 2017 to further strengthen our understanding of the modern-day talent acquisition leader, and what they find to be important.

Among the results were a few supporting narratives that were not all that surprising:

  • “We’d rank our recruiting teams as fairly average and only occasionally really good.”
  • “We need the most help with the start of the process – with sourcing and initial talent attraction.”
  • “We understand the value of investing in the talent acquisition function.”

But, the results also revealed some fascinating statistics that have been going largely unidentified (until now):

  • Almost half (45%) of companies surveyed provide less than 10 hours of annual skills training to recruiters.
  • Only 18% of companies surveyed say they offer “strong” career growth opportunities for their in-house recruiters.

The wake-up call…The investment in recruiters and the expectations of recruiters is remarkably misaligned.

Talent acquisition executives are not investing enough time and money in the recruiter “as a person” – in their skills or in their career development. Companies want more from recruiters, but seem to be missing some of these key investment categories that can and will have a big impact in their performance. Today’s talent acquisition dollars seem to be more heavily focused on tools and programs versus on the recruiters themselves.

The truth is that when companies take the time to offer their recruiting teams valuable training – whether proprietary or third party – along with clear and attractive career pathing, a heightened sense of belonging and appreciation is established. People who feel this authentic career enablement will be far more motivated and, naturally, productivity levels will rise, and so too will the retention rate of top recruiting talent.

There’s more to learn! Dive into the Sevenstep Recruiting Misalignment Infographic to get the full survey results and interesting findings along with a proven set of best practices for investing in and growing successful recruiting teams.


About Sevenstep

With the largest proprietary recruitment skills training program in the RPO industry, including 160 courses and four recruiting certifications, Sevenstep understands the importance – and the results – of a generous and rigorous training program. Along with a multi-layered career ascension path and mentoring support for optimal achievement, Sevenstep enjoys a 95 percent staff retention rate along and an ongoing and celebrated culture of promotion and growth.

About the Sevenstep Recruiter Survey

The Sevenstep Recruiter Survey was conducted between October and November of 2017 and was conducted among talent acquisition leaders in the U.S. and U.K.


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