A Time to Celebrate (and Reflect)

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Six years ago we founded Seven Step RPO. We were brand new to Recruitment Process Outsourcing and got a crash course on the immense challenges facing the RPO buyer community. We quickly learned what these companies needed from us and also studied the competitive landscape to discover what was (and wasn’t) being addressed by the RPO providers at that time. It was at this point that we saw a huge opportunity in this rapidly growing marketplace and committed ourselves to building something special – a different kind of RPO solution. 

And here we are today, ranked 11th overall within HRO Today's Baker’s Dozen of RPO Providers and arriving for the first time on this Top 13 "Enterprise" list. Receiving this high recognition from the client community is an honor and also an enormous milestone for Seven Step. Reflecting back, there are a few things I'm particularly proud of (and today seems like a good day to share them):

•    We began with organic roots: We didn’t just rush out and poach people from our competitors to start the company. Instead of hiring the right “resumes,” we focused on hiring the right “people.” Smart, passionate, loyal people who we could count on during this long journey; people who would never give up and would work hard to help us and our clients through even the toughest growth challenges.  Building upon our strong, organic roots, we created the ideal platform to become the top employer we are today of both our home-grown talent and the experienced external talent that we've been lucky enough to have join us from our competition.

•    We went with our gut: In the early days, a few people (executives of other well-known RPO providers to be more specific) told me our business model wouldn’t work. Our instinct told us differently. Instead of feeling peer pressure to "follow suit," we stayed true to what we believed in. Namely, that recruiters need to be in a thriving recruitment culture to succeed, and that it’s not about hiring the best recruiters…it’s about creating them. What’s interesting to me is how many other RPO companies are now adopting and promoting some of the very same principles that we were criticized for four to five years ago.    

•    We stuck together: I’ve worked with my senior team within the recruitment industry for close to two decades. We’ve experienced lots of highs and lows. But the result of what we have here is something that transcends teamwork. It’s a marriage. Our commitment to one another here at Seven Step is about much more than lending a helping hand. We constantly think about substantive ways to make the other person better. And year after year, we still work hard to impress one another every single day. We never take things (or each other) for granted. Ever.

We care immensely about what we do here at Seven Step and how we are viewed by our clients, prospects, and peers. That “care” is what powers our success. We are thrilled to be regarded as one of the top 13 RPO providers within HRO Today’s 2013 Baker's Dozen survey. But we also know full well that a label like this does not guarantee us a strong reputation. It merely offers us the opportunity to live up to this standard moving forward. And anyone who knows us here at Seven Step would agree…we are up for the challenge.


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