How to Measure and Reward Valuable Partners in the TA Model: HCI Webcast on Gainsharing, Feat. Greg Karr

When asked during a recent webcast, human resources professionals indicated that they felt third party providers are or should be a valuable part of their talent acquisition execution model, with 63 percent indicating they agree or strongly agree.

Another poll question asked the audience to weigh-in on this statement, “As I spend dollars to execute our TA model, I’m increasingly accountable to show value and return on investment.” The majority of participants, 84 percent, said they agree or strongly agree.

Today, evolved recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partnerships solve complex, strategic business problems, enabling revenue growth and increasing market share for the enterprise. These are iterative, consultative relationships, where clients assess providers by the yardstick of business value delivered – and success is guided by strategic consensus. These kinds of evolved partnerships can deliver cultural transformation and profound, bottom-line outcomes that transcend cost savings.

In the HCI webcast, Gainsharing: Defining a Mutually Beneficial Relationship, Sevenstep Executive Vice President, Greg Karr, shares insights into how to drive a deeper buyer-provider relationship by incentivizing both parties to focus on activities that generate meaningful business results. Shifting governance from a focus on penalizing under-performance to one that recognizes and celebrates success gets the provider and client working together differently – increasing creativity, improving collaboration, and enhancing stakeholder engagement.

In addition to learning how to quantify areas of impact, benchmark talent acquisition waste, create fair gainsharing targets, define a measurement timeline and compensate for results, during the webinar Greg also fielded some really great questions from the audience, including:

  • What is your preferred applicant tracking system?
  • What is an efficient average days-to-hire metric?
  • Is it more profitable to outsource TA for exempt or non-exempt employees?

Check out the full recording of the webinar here. Note: If you’re not an HCI member, you can sign-up for free to listen to the webinar.

If you have any follow-up questions for Greg after listening, please leave them in the comments section below. And, for more information, download the Sevenstep gainsharing whitepaper: Gainsharing a Mutually Responsible – and Mutually Beneficial – RPO Partnership.

Happy gainsharing!